Monthly Archives: December 2005

2005 Yearly Holiday Card

Hi. Am going brief, in hopes of getting cards out before Christmas. The big event of the year was Kay, my mother, passing away in May after a fall and short hospital stay. She was 92, meaning we all knew this was going to happen sooner than later. Even though I didn’t get over to see her often, I miss knowing she’s there, and being able to talk to her.

The big event unfolding now is that I was laid off from Adobe in early December, after 11 years there. I was largely responsible for initiating the event, connected to a reorg around Adobe buying Macromedia. I’ve been living in San Francisco for three years, and the commute to San Jose finally became too much. I also wasn’t clicking with being in Quality Engineering full-time, am more interested in developing (doing everything, actually).

Other events in 2005- autocross racing in my Porsche Boxster with Patricia, and bicycling with her around SF. We flew to New York for my birthday in August, spent several days in Ashland at the Shakespeare Festival, and joined my nephew Rob in Seattle for Labor Day.

There’s more, of course, but I’m outta space on the card and outta time to get to the PO. Have a great New Year!