Autocross #2

Lee at 2006 AX#1 (courtesy Ron Leppke)

Patricia and I drove both sessions of yesterday’s PCA GGR autocross at Alameda Point. The day was illuminating- 15 minutes of fun runs at the end finally made clear how to get the car around the course faster. My best official clean run of the day came in at 1:03.465, and I could not get below 1:03 (no matter how many cones I ran over…). During the fun runs, I finally tried going slower and driving tighter around the twisty parts, which seemed just… wrong. But it worked, for a final time of 1:01.013.

So: the Boxster goes faster without extremes of either acceleration or braking (remembering that when the official clock is running is a challenge). The feeling of the car being glued to the road when driven correctly is a blast.

Patricia has clicked with driving. She had a best time down in the 1:03s as well, only slightly marred by a DNF. That makes her one of the faster women drivers in the club.

As we were leaving, there was a light crunching sound while driving off the course, also coming from the car behind us. Turns out our scuffed up and sticky tires were picking up little gravel bits and sounding like studded tires as we slowly filed out. Kinda fun to have an end-of-day sound associated with driving.

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