Finishing up the scholastic year

Having been telling people in a low-key way that I’m taking classes, spending this year being a student, and they mostly haven’t been getting it. Dunno whether it’s the mismatch between “40-something male” and “school,” or that nobody believes web-based learning could be serious. Finally got a few people to notice a couple weeks ago with “sorry, can’t make it, I have to finish midterms.” “Oh? I didn’t know you were taking classes.” Funny how language and presentation makes such a difference.

The Arranging mid-term project came out pretty OK, a Brazilian version of a Tina Turner song I Want You Near Me; my band Sweatbox played it earlier this year. Even the score looks kinda cool.

The Style Writing material has been fun, though mostly not very showy. The first half covered Brazilian and Afro Cuban forms and combinations, with the second half moving into soul, Motown, and funk. Am now startled I’ve never paid attention to James Brown, didn’t have a single track of his in my collection.

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