If one hand claps in the forest…

Created a Twitter account today, partly because I’m thinking about doing Santarchy next Saturday and they’re planning to use Twitter to communicate on the day, partly because it’s survived long enough it might be worth a look. It’s like Yahoo Groups for TXTers – one person has 2100 people he was following and 2200 following him, another woman follows 5,644, has 7,253 following her. Wonder how many people actually correspond, versus the lurkers?

Even so, 7,000 reading your tweets is non-trivial, even if one is a “Bio Social Web Strategist.”

It’s kinda fun to post snippets re whatever I’m thinking / doing / experiencing at the moment. My approach would change, though, if I had a couple thousand people paying attention. Heck, my approach changed with ONE person paying attention.

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