From my friend Betty:

Cuddly, playful kittens need homes! I’ve been fostering a mama cat and her kittens born in my spare bedroom August 5th. They are now 8 weeks old and cute, cute, cute!

It’s time to focus on finding homes for the kittens. It’s been an amazing experience watching them develop from birth onwards. They are well socialized and love people, especially people who play with them! If you, a family member, or a friend have been thinking about getting a kitten or two, please read on.

The kittens are short-haired tabbies in a variety of colors and patterns. Friends and I have handled and played with them daily to ensure they’re socialized. They’re all equally eager to stalk a ping pong ball, wrestle some string, or just curl up on your lap for a nap. Excellent litter box skills, weaning in process with dry kitten food and water. They’re near the peak of their kitty cuteness and playfulness!

The Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary folks are helping me find homes for the kittens. Reserve your choice now!

Jaguar, male short-hair tabby kitten



Brown with darker jaguar-type spot markings

Castor - male short-hair tabby kitten



Male tabby with a dark stripe down his back

Ranger - short-hair white/tabby mix kitten



Symmetrical tabby markings with a white underside. He is a delightful gaggle of fun! Ranger likes to untie shoelaces so watch out for your shoes. 🙂

Bilbo - female short-hair tabby kitten



Tabby markings with a white underside and light nose.

Mayan - female short-hair tabby kittenMayan


Tabby markings with a white underside and light nose. Maya has a sweet personality and likes to pounce on feather toys.

Arwen - short-hair tabby ex-mother kittyArwen


Mama cat also needs a home. She is young (18 months) and playful and everybody is her friend. She’s been an excellent mom. If I didn’t already have a houseful of cats, I’d keep her.

Short-hair white and tabby mix. Arwen was fostered as a clearly-neglected, pregnant, neighborhood stray. Arwen loves people and loves to play, purr, and nuzzle. She greets me (and strangers) eagerly when they enter her room. She’s very even-keeled and has shown no defensive behavior (hissing, etc.) She has a lovely voice and will converse with you in a soft trill.