What’s It All About, Alfie?

I’m getting querulous about this whole intertubes social-expression thing. Been contributing to various on-line forums for the last few years, with near-zero response, recognition, connection, awareness. Radio Paradise (a GREAT streaming music station) has a forum for comments for each song. Cool, right? Well, yeah, kinda. It’s nice to express thoughts, feelings, and memories about songs, some I’ve been listening to for decades, but if nobody ever refers to a comment one has made, did you actually make it?

I’m pretty sure my stuff is being read, like I read other people’s posts. But no references or back-and-forth. Do I even exist? I used to think “I shop, therefore I am.” Then I updated to “I POST, therefore I am.” Much hipper, right? Nah. At least consuming gives you recyclables. Posting only provides self-gratification at the well-turned phrase displayed in a public forum.


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